“Faultlines” by Barbara Taylor Sissel

Publisher: Lake Union
Pub. Date: Sept. 6, 2016

This is the kind of issue driven novel that will tug at all parents’ hearts. The story is about two sisters who have a close relationship and choose to live near one another to raise their children. Both sisters have twenty year old sons. The cousins are more like brothers. They were drinking and went out joy riding when tragedy strikes. The boys are in a deadly car accident. One boy, the driver, lives and the other dies. The ramifications are almost too painful to read. The sisters’ relationship is shattered. The surviving cousin is facing serious jail time while dealing with overwhelming guilt and grief. The sisters’ parents (the boys’ grandparents) seem to side with the daughter who lost her son. The marriages of both sisters are seriously damaged and may not recover. The reader is taken step by step into the families’ nightmare from the moment both sisters receive a 4a.m. phone call that their sons’ where involved in a car accident.

There is another part to this story where a character, an older woman and new neighbor to the sisters is introduced. She seems to have nothing to do with the story-line, but the reader will learn how she is connected. And yet another subplot regards a police officer who brings elements of suspense incorporating a mystery genre feel to the tale. Personally, I didn’t think the novel needed either of these side plots. I feel the heartbreaking story of the destruction of both sisters’ families can stand on its own.



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