The Mother’s Promise” by Sally Hepworth

Publisher:   St. Martin’s Pressthe-mothers-promise

Pub. Date:  February 21, 2017

With the title of The Mother’s Promise, and the book’s blurb stating that the mother was dying, I did surmise that I was about to read a sappy narrative.  I also knew that I wouldn’t care since I most likely was about to read a heartwarming story.  There are four heroines in this book.  There is a single mother who has been diagnosed with cancer.  Her teenage daughter suffers from a social anxiety disorder (as if high school isn’t hard enough).  As well as the mother’s nurse, and her social worker, both who are also battling their own personal issues.  After a rocky start (who wants strangers interfering in your life), these four females form a close bond.  Before they met each was isolated in their own way from the rest of the world.  Now they have a support system in one another.  The expression “you can choose your friends but not your family” applies to this group.

Although this tale should have read somber since the plot squeezes in many troubling subjects including, terminal cancer, mental illness, bullying, rape, abusive husbands and infertility, the author, Sally Hepworth, chooses to write her story focusing on female strength (think Steel Magnolias).   By attempting to help the soon-to-be orphaned teen each woman turns out to be helping one another.  So even though the book’s content is intense, this is an uplifting read.   However, because it is written in this manner I think that sometimes the story is lacking the appropriate seriousness making some scenes unrealistic and certainly predictable.  Still, I knew what I was getting into.  I chose to review this book as I was in the mood for a storyline that would make me laugh, cry and probably bore the heck out of my husband.  Women’s Contemporary Fiction is not usually what I seek out to read.  But, if you are a fan of that genre you will like this one.

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