A Question for my Book Blogger Buddies

I use my blog for book reviews exclusively. I am rather new to blogging. I am currently using the “Affinity” theme, which is a one-page theme designed with weddings and family announcements in mind. I picked it because it was so easy to set-up. I am getting a little bit more accustomed to blogging. Books are my passion and I think I am ready to move on to a theme compatible with my passion.

Question: Does anyone know of a free theme that is designed with book reviews in mind?

Thanks to all my new friends.

10 thoughts on “A Question for my Book Blogger Buddies

  1. The button theme is nice and so is mine as it has 2 columns good for banners etc… I pay for a little more choice though so the bold colours I have aren’t available
    There are still a ton of options though. Let me just check on the name lol

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  2. I chose the Apostrophe theme simply because when on Home Page, all of the cover images are displayed to make one or other title eyecatching for potential visitors.
    Good luck on finding your new theme 🙂

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