A Question For My Blogger Buddies

I have been in Paris for two weeks (I live in the US) and fell in love with the city. But my kindle broke (and is still broken) meaning I couldn’t read my books.

I did get to read some of your book reviews on my smart phone but alas being surrounded by such beauty kept me busy.  I felt as if I was walking in a historical museum (yes I hit them all up.)

My question to you is do you know any Historical Fiction reads on Paris?

I have read a few (they are in my bibliography and way more in my Goodreads account, of course, I do not expect you to check them out before any recommendations) but I am sure there most be other great finds out there.  I also was lucky enough to win (from Goodreads) “The Wine of Solitude.”

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Merci beaucoup,





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