“Mrs. Fletcher” by Tom Perrotta


Genre:         Adult General Fiction

Publisher:    Scribner

Pub. Date:   August 1, 2017

If there is such a thing as naïve pornography, this is such a book. The author, Tom Perrotta is a comedic writer. I have enjoyed his previous work, but this one fell flat somewhere in the middle. The story begins with Mrs. Fletcher, a divorced single mom, on the day her spoiled white privileged son is leaving for college (you know he is going to make a great frat boy). His mom hears his girlfriend giving him a goodbye gift, fellatio. She also hears her son blurt out derogatory things about women in the midst of sex. Now his mother thought she was doing a great job when she went way out of her comfort zone and asked her son in a drug store if he needed condoms for college, but she is shocked to realize her kid has boorish manners towards his girlfriend.

Immediately after this incident they get in the car to drive to his campus (of course she packed everything and brought it all in the car by herself while he was receiving his gift”. I did laugh at loud while reading her contradictory thoughts on what to say to her son. She knows she needs to tell him that disrespecting women is not the type of man he should want to be. But then again, she doesn’t want to ruin the ride, which she was hoping would be a bonding time for them. But then again, he falls asleep, should she wake him or not? Around and around again her thoughts go as if they are stuck in her washing machine’s spin cycle. Clearly, the book does open with a bang.

After a few days of empty nest syndrome, she accidently discovers online porn. It starts off innocently enough. On campus she meets her son’s roommate (she is very disappointed because he his is a carbon copy of her son and not a boy who will help her own kid grow). Well, it seems the roommate sent her a text with only initials, “MILF.”  She has no idea what this means, of course she looks it up online. It is here where she finds endless MILF porn theme websites. And so her addiction begins.

This is when she decides to become a 2017 Mrs. Robinson, not only by watching porn but by also living it. Unfortunately, for me this is also when the book went from a bang to a whimper. Perrotta’s spot-on suburban satire stays throughout the book, but the plot becomes overkill after a while. How many times did I really want to read about her branching out sexually?  She plays around with being straight, gay or bisexual with her young partners.    All while having the same contradicting type of thoughts she experienced while driving her son to college.  Stuck in the spin cycle. It becomes tiresome. This is a funny book about sex and morality that is way too predictable for my taste. Not Perrotta’s best, but then again (as Mrs. Fletcher would wonder) maybe it’s just not for me.


This is an Advanced Review Copy (ARC) book.  I received this novel from the publisher at no cost in exchange for an honest review.


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