“Inside Out” by Demi Moore

Genre:  Memoir
Publisher:  Harper
Iside OutPub. Date: September 24, 2019

Don’t bother.  The blurb says that Moore is brutally honest.  And she is.  It is just that we already knew her faults. Yes, I agree that she had a horrendous childhood, which led to making bad life choices including addictions that led to her daughters not speaking to their mother for a couple of years. But I confess, I wanted dirt on the men in her life, she really only dishes out complaints on her last husband. And, yes I am judging when I say that it was weird that she considered him a co-parent to her girls when he was just a few years older than her oldest teenage daughter. Being with a younger man, I say, good for her, involving them in her children’s’ lives, not so good, at least in my mind. The book reads as a here is a “my side of the story” memoir. Not to mention that this is a poorly written book and plain old boring.  I could only recommend this one if you are a young woman struggling with self -esteem as a “this is what you do not do” book.

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