“The Octopus” by Tess Little

Genre:  Murder MysteryThe Octopous
Publisher:  Hodder &Stoughton
Pub. Date:  August 20, 2020


In this unusual whodunit along with eight party guests, a pet octopus is also a murder suspect.  The octopus may just be the most interesting and emphatic character.  Our long-suffering protagonist is a woman attending her ex-husbands 50th birthday party.  He is now living with his male partner. There is lots of boozing and drugging going on.  They all pass out.   When the guests wake up the birthday boy is dead. Early on, the ex-husband is outed as a nasty guy.  The author ensures that you won’t feel much sorrow about his death.  After all, what sort of person, just for the fun of it, traps and watches a living creature constantly attempting escape? This is a murder mystery. There should be tension but because there are changing timelines with no warning of the change, the tension is dulled. Although I didn’t particularly care for Little’s debut novel (she has published two short stories), it is hard to miss that she is talented. I look forward to her future work.

I received this Advance Review Copy (ARC) novel from the publisher at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

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