“The Island” by Elin Hilderbrand

Genre: Beach Read The Island
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Pub. Date: 05/01/2012

Mini Review

I had just lost a pet and wanted/needed a beach read. Something fluffy, something to lift my spirits, and to help me get through the mourning process.  I had read Elin Hilderbrand’s  “Summer of ‘69” as an Advance Review Copy (ARC.)  I very much enjoyed the novel so I went looking for something from her.  I usually don’t buy books.  But, I bought “The Island,” because I thought it would fit the bill.  It did not.  The story revolves around a family of four women—a 50 something mom, her sister, and her two grown daughters. The eldest daughter had a mental trauma surrounding the death of her ex-fiancée and is in a deep depression. They decided to revisit the family’s bare-bones cabin on a tiny island near Nantucket to help her regroup.  The plot sounds like a perfect beach read.  I was expecting lots of female bonding. My issue was with the characters and their love interests.  When it comes to the women’s’ love life, I swear the dialogue sounded like they were all in junior high. How could four intelligent, successful females talk as if they are in the TV series “Saved by the Bell?”  Quote from the middle-aged mom, “My boyfriend doesn’t love me.” From mom’s 30-year-old daughter to her 32-year-old sister (the one who is too depressed to come out of her room), “You are trying to take him from me.”  Enough already. I enjoyed reading about the island and beach life, which did help me forget my sadness, but not enough to enjoy this tedious chick-lit novel.

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