A Question for my Book Blogger Buddies

I use my blog for book reviews exclusively. I am rather new to blogging. I am currently using the “Affinity” theme, which is a one-page theme designed with weddings and family announcements in mind. I picked it because it was so easy to set-up. I am getting a little bit more accustomed to blogging. Books are my passion and I think I am ready to move on to a theme compatible with my passion.

Question: Does anyone know of a free theme that is designed with book reviews in mind?

Thanks to all my new friends.

“The Roanoke Girls” by Amy Engel

No real review here because I skimmed more than read this book.  A lot of teenage healthythe-roanoke-girls and unhealthy sex. A lot of abuse.  A dark family secret that is so obvious I was ready to lock the fictional abusers up and throw away the key way before the secret is revealed. I thought I was reading a disturbing YA novel with an unrealistic ending (think shades of “Flowers in the Attic”). But then, “Flowers” was a major hit so maybe it’s just me.

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