“The Push” by Claire McGowan

Genre: Mystery & ThrillersThe Push
Publisher:  Amazon UK
Pub. Date: Nov. 12, 2020

Itsy Bitsy Review

Four women and their partners meet for prenatal meetings.  The characters are all different and interesting. Some you will like and some you will not care for in a big way.  Would you want to hang out with a racist, a homophobic, an ageist, an enabler, or a classist? I promise they are all not like that. Some will break your heart. After the babies are born there is a reunion at an over the top mansion of the richest in the group. Someone is pushed over a balcony and dies. Does the plot sound familiar—yup for me. This novel is a “Big Little Lies,” wannabe. If you ignore all the isims it can read as a good thriller but I have already read this story just with a different name. The ‘woman’ investigator, again like “Lies” is having problems conceiving, which influences her judgment on the suspects.  Okay, a nice touch, and there are twists (not too hard to guess) but I still think this is a wannabe novel.

I received this Advance Review Copy (ARC) novel from the publisher at no cost in exchange for an honest review

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