“In Twenty Years” by Allison Winn Scotch

Publication Date: July 1, 2016

Publisher: Lake Union Publishing

Twenty years after their college graduation five roommates and once best friends are summoned to their alma mater via a lawyer’s letter.  The letter was sent to them from their deceased sixth roommate.  Of course in college they think they will be friends forever.  Two decades later they hardly know one another.

I liked the concept of this novel and expected to thoroughly enjoy it.  However, the story was lacking (hard to connect to the characters, way too chick lit) and unbelievable (one becomes a rock star, another a Martha Stewart type of CEO, another Hollywood plastic surgeon to the stars) in many ways.  Furthermore, I found this preachy tale promising that if we remember who we are deep inside our younger selves’ life can and will be better.  Oh please.  I am old enough to remember “The Big Chill” when it was released in 1983.  Maybe my mediocre review is due to my comparison to that wonderful sweet, sad and still funny story.