“Where the Sweet Bird Sings” by Ella Joy Olsen

Pub. Date:  August 29, 2017       birds

Publisher:  Kensington Books

Why do I always fall into the same trap?  This is a novel about a young married couple who live in Salt Lake City (the location alone should be a spoiler) who lose a child through a rare genetic disease.  The parents did not know that they were carriers.  So my maternal instincts seem to go through my fingers and before I know it, I click “yes” agreeing to read and review.  Well, there are many heartbreaking stories of child loss out there, and in fairness, this one had its moments.  I think the author’s problem was trying to combine past and present mysteries into the plot.  Yet, reflecting, I probably would have been okay with that.  I guess my problem was that I felt that the writing was preaching forgiveness to the point of nausea.   But, that is me, and I bet I have blog buddies that I admire who will eat this one up.

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