“Watch Me Disappear” by Janelle Brown

Watch Me DisappearGenre:        Mystery & Thrillers

Publisher:  Random House

Pub. Date:   July 11, 2017


This novel focuses on a close-knit family.  Often thought of as a perfect family (and we all know there is no so such thing), which consists of a father, mother and teenage daughter.  The mother has been missing for a year and is presumed dead.  The dad is convinced that his wife died on a weekend hiking trip that she went on alone, while the daughter holds on to hope that she is still alive.  Especially now that she has been having visions of her mom, which may be real or just a side effect from a brain trauma that will heal itself with time and medication.  So daughter and dad are at odds.  Except the dad has recently learned that his wife has been lying to him about other weekends when he thought she went hiking with a friend.  He wonders, for different reasons, that maybe his daughter is correct and his wife is still alive. So he and his daughter begin a hunt to find their missing loved one.  There are many similar novels out there but this one manages to succeed in feeling real, dad and daughter’s honest confusion, did she die, did she just leave us? A tough question to think about particularly while they are still dealing with their grief.   Did they ever know the wife/mom at all if she is someone capable of walking away from her family? The reader will meet a host of intriguing characters, you will meet a psychic, the missing lady’s ex-boyfriend who happens to be a hippy ex-con, a grandmother who never met her granddaughter and all of them add to the mystery of just who the wife/mother really was. Even though I guessed the ending of the story, I found the tale to be a page-turner with many twists. It is not the kind of book that keeps you up at night thinking about the characters still, it is a good beach read.  I have never really met a person similar to the protagonist, have you?

This is an Advanced Review Copy (ARC) book.  I received this novel from the publisher at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

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