“Manipulated Lives” by H.A. Leuschel

Genre:         Adult Fiction

Publisher :  Indie BookManipulated Lives

Pub. Date:  June 8, 2016


The author approached me to review her book and I accepted. This book consists of five short stories. All have one narcissistic character abusing each protagonist. When I saw the cover with the image of a distraught young woman, I was afraid I had a YA book that often contains poor writing. My thoughts seemed to have been confirmed when I read that the first story was entitled “Tess and Tattoos.” But I was wrong. Tess happens to be an old woman in a nursing home. This was my favorite out of the collection having a twist I never saw coming. I enjoyed them all and thought that the author has fine skills. My only criticism is that I wished she had included other stories with a different theme in the collection. After awhile, for me, the same subject matter became monotonous. The abuse on the victims lost its punch. Maybe that is because I have a clinical background and am tired of reading about the disorder. Still, the author does a great job on nailing narcissism. Overall, each story was engrossing and I recommend buying the book. If you are not familiar with the term Narcissistic Personality Disorder, these novellas are an eye-opener.

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