“The Turnout” by Megan Abbott

The Turn Out

Genre: Mystery & Thrillers
Publisher: G.P. Putam’s Sons
Pub. Date: August 3, 2021


The book is marketed as a mystery and thriller but it is more a psychological cringe-worthy suspense story. The novel’s title is taken from a ballet position that is unnatural to the body and leads to long-term foot and lower-body damage. We meet, two sisters who are running and teaching dance in their late mother’s ballet school. Like the infamous ballet, “The Nutcracker,” this novel is also a dark fairytale. The sisters have some serious twisty issues. Deliciously gothic—saying anything more would be a spoiler.  Nevertheless, exposing the underbelly of the cutthroat dance world is where Abbott’s writing shines. She can almost make you feel her characters’ high level of chronic pain that is considered simply par for the course. Teachers warn their students that when a dancer is no longer in pain they are no longer a dancer. The girls destroy their feet in a manner that reminded me of the tortures of foot binding. Eating disorders are the norm. Their bodies are covered with soft downy hair, which is the telling sign of anorexia. The toilets need to be plunged throughout the day due to the constant vomiting.  This is all taken for granted, just another day at school. Other than the ending that came wrapped up in a bow, the author’s prose is taut and tense making “The Turnout” a good summer read.

I received this Advance Review Copy (ARC) novel from the publisher at no cost in exchange for an honest review.

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